Red White & Que Smokehouse- as seen on Food Network's Guys Big Project

The American Dream.

More than 25 years ago Dan could have guessed endlessly on where his experiences in the United States Marine Corps would take him. Its safe to say  none of those guesses would be owning a classic Southern BBQ joint in New Jersey!

A while back while reliving his Marine days with his wife Katie, over a plate of slow smoked brisket Dan came up with the dream. The dream to own a little place and serve the kind of food that he loves to make and feed to all of his friends.

For us at Red White & Que, BBQ is more than just delicious food. It represents a rebellious spirit while still holding fast to old school  American traditions. It's the food we eat when we come together with friends and neighbors in celebration.

A Celebration of the American Dream fully realized. 


"Best BBQ Newcomer"-

"Best BBQ in New Jersey" -


266 Davis Ave. 

Kearny, NJ 07032